Monday, April 5, 2010

Ayesha Siddiqui Photo

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It's Shoaib Malik plans to marry the famous Indian tennis star Shania Mirza 15 April. As the first wife of Shoaib Malik, is Ayesha Siddiguj become hot knew all news channel, all sites, newspapers and printed media,

It's Shoaib Malik married Ayesha Siddiguj June 3, 2002, on marriage date Shoaib sigh of Nikahnama which ended in Sialkot residents Mukhtar Ali Khan and Syed Abrar Hussain, also Ayasha all have documents to prove her marriage to Pakistani cricket player Shoiab Malik.

Ayesha had lodged a complaint the police in Hyderabad police after it was announced that Malik plans to marry the Indian tennis star Sania Mirza 15 in April. Many people who search on Ayesha's face book profile to search the name "Maha", but found no success

here is Ayesha Siddiguj and Shoaib Malik's a few pictures, after watching this picture, we noticed that the couple shares into a material fact because there is no physical contact, is the benefit of the doubt to Ayesha siddiguj.

Ayesha Siddiq, and her family has filed the police complaint, so that Shoaib Malik can not go back to Pakistan. You know the Indian courts - or go for ever.

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