Friday, April 2, 2010


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The screen design of Internet Explorer is the most famous designer is just like Windows Mobile 7, there are some things differently in this style, but it's so beautiful design.

In this picture there is in addition to the sharp lines and solid colors. It is in the new version is that all the extra buttons are gone. This is wonderful stuff there is in this movement is so important, and smart features.

It was the Chinese website, is to translate the Google translator, so that we can be aware that this browser is actually Internet Explorer 9, this new publication, with some new version has the new address bar and new just like the search box, favorites and history viewer, Microsoft really did their best to make this new version pleasant for the eyes and minimalist, in contrast to earlier versions.

But Microsoft has not verified anything yet. but we hope this beautifully designed, your browser may be the next version of Internet Explorer. With just the back, refresh, and bookmark button on the title bar.

We have heard of the name change version takes rumors BlackBerry Tour2 9650 - it seems that the Fed moniker will be used in place of long separated. The preference for the bold name, can partly be found in trackball problems that some customers appear to have been bothered with - as the fresh name for the Fed would make sense to distinguish it from the Tour.

Verizon customers can anticipate its release - no word on pricing for the handset, but it will probably get the same price as the Tour was originally sold.

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