Thursday, April 1, 2010

Jesus Christ On Good Friday

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There are different meaning of Good Friday in various author's words. Here are some author's opinion, "said Isaiah, an obvious Old Testament text, which is well suited to proclaim the Good Friday Isaiah's messianic description of the suffering servant in Isaiah 53rd

is told that the apostle John shows the extraordinary depth of understanding to interpret the meaning of Christ's death on the cross. Such well-known texts such as John 3:16,1 John 4:10, and the good shepherd passage of John 10 makes good Good Friday sermons,

Luke said in his own words, that on Good Friday, what is needed is not quick tear of emotion, but the deep sorrow conviction of sin. Jesus of Nazareth was more than a noble person facing an excruciating death. He was the Lamb of God gives Himself to the world's sin. This text will require deep remorse and genuine repentance.

On the death of Jesus in the end times Jesus make available to all people in the four sentences: the transformation of Jesus is the individual's life, the discovery of worth, enabling people to follow him throughout life, to the discovery of Jesus' worth bringing people to follow him through whole life, and finally, Jesus' way "that people are searching for and" way "that God revealed to us.

Jesus' life ended by a bad measurement. But Jesus is God so clearly that it is a great story on who died on impact with a life lyric.

On this Good Friday, today we also remember the transit of the servant of God, Pope John Paul the Great, so they also remember that Jesus and ask them:

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