Sunday, April 4, 2010

George Karl’s treatments should end Friday

George Karl is expected to complete treatments for his neck cancer on Friday.

George Karl has completed his 36 radiation treatments and will have his final chemotherapy session Wednesday. Van Deraa told the newspaper Karl, who has lost nearly 25 pounds, struggles to speak and might need to be fed liquids through a tube for another three to six months.

I asked him while we were sitting here what his thoughts are and he said he wants everybody to go have a party for him- we are still not sure what the future holds for the recovery process but he knows he doesn’t have to get his face burnt everyday. We have some serious hurdles to overcome but we are looking forward to the challenge. Thanks for all the love and support it has been incredible.

George Karl won’t coach the Denver Nuggets for the remainder of the regular season and “probably not” the first round of the playoffs, his life partner told the Denver Post.

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