Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lisa Raye Divorce

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As reports by reporter Lisa Raye divorces her husband. This makes the scandal of divorce anymore. In the past, hot news about Sandra Bullock that separated from Jesse James. Now, Lisa Raye, the famous actress a big problem on her life.

Lisa Raye are emotional divorce her. She blames Michael Misick, Lisa Raye Talk about biography, I can explain the summary. She gave birth to the 23 September 1967. Thus she is not 42, he is working on some parts. She is an actress and also a designer. Her success with them and become famous.

Her first husband Tony Martin. But they are divorced. So she married her second husband, Michael Misick. About her career, she is a successful woman working. In 2000 she played the 2-TV movies. They are the cheapest Movie Ever Made, and Rhapsody. She completed several episodes of both television movies. The films made her famous, and until now, many people looking for articles about her, her videos, and everything about Lisa Raye. She has also nominated NAACP Image Awards in relation to 2007. Unfortunately she lost the title and is only nominated.

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