Thursday, April 1, 2010

American Idol Didi Benami Goes Home Broken Hearted

"American Idol" finalist Didi Benami might be pretty broken hearted after her Top 10 performance. The 1966 hit by Jimmy Ruffin was, ahem, pretty rough for Didi Benami. It didn't suit her voice one bit and while we admire her choosing something that means something to her, she should probably pack her bags.

 American Idol

What did you guys think? Will Didi stick around? There were other not-so-hot performances but we think Didi really took the cake tonight. Plus, the voters were probably too blinded by her sparkly dress to read her phone number off the screen. American Idol voters send home Didi Benami, whenever Tim Urban has been in the bottom 3 for the third week now with Katie Stevens. So why did Tim Urban get to stay when the American Idol judges keep bashing him every single week. The judges obviously don’t think Tim Urban has the ability to stay on American Idol.

It's on to the next one, though, for Lee Dewyze, Casey James, Aaron Kelly and Siobhan Magnus, who survived after her wobbly take on Chaka Khan's "Through the Fire" elicited a thumbs-down across the board from the judges. Also safe were Crystal Bowersox, Andrew Garcia and Michael Lynche, who celebrated his luck with a near body slam of Ryan Seacrest after the host tried to fake him out.

 American Idol

The sojourn in the cellar was short for Stevens, who was the first one sent back to safety, followed by the seemingly bulletproof Urban, who busted out his signature smile upon hearing the news. Benami gave it one more chance, taking another swing at her well-received folky ramble through Fleetwood Mac's "Rhiannon," which she imbued with the coffeehouse flavor that made the judges fall in love with her the first time. Though she flubbed a note near the end, the performance was a mostly strong one, but, alas, not enough to keep her in the mix.

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