Thursday, April 15, 2010

Charlie Sheen Goes For Angelina Tracy

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It's Angelina Tracy has affair, according to several reports, was Charlie caught in the act! Check out photos, video, and get the rest of the details here!

Charlie Sheen has tried to prove his wife Brooke Muller that he is another man. They are both in rehab, and Charlie has bee visits his family often reassure them things will be different. A friend told In Touch,

Here, as per report of the journalists who Charlie is involved with another woman - Jessica Tracy. They have pictures of Charlie trying to go incognito, arrives at her Studio City home. If the images are legit, that's ridiculous! I mean really, who sports a fake mustache!

7 April visited Charlie Angelina apartment, and returned after an hour or so. He ran to his car. It seemed as if he wanted to leave as soon as possible. "The magazine also reports that Charlie has been showering Jessica with gifts.

According to In Touch Weekly, Jessica Tracy is a claim paid escort who charges clients $ 3,000 per hour. The rumors were denied by Sheen camp and according to Stan Rosen field, Sheen's publicist,

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