Thursday, April 1, 2010

chuck norris dead From Heart Failure

Chuck Norris, just turned 67 in March Died two hours after being admitted to the Morton Plant Hospital in Florida. He was vacationing in Clearwater, FL. when witness Thomas Scott said, “He just fell off of the jet ski, the Scuba rental manager came out and pulled him back to shore. An ambulance was there within 5 minutes and took him away.”

Witnesses say he made it to the hospital at approximately 7:30pm , and was pronounced dead at 9:40pm. Carlos Ray “Chuck” Norris left behind a loving wife and 5 children. Chuck was an outspoken conservative republican and was very vocal with his views. Chuck wrote a column for WorldNetDaily

Carlos Ray “Chuck” Norris is also fine and not dead though April Fool Pranks have him next. The famous martial artist that has just recently celebrated his birthday being his 70th on March 10, 2010 is not that easy to be killed by mere rumours; rumour mongers have perhaps, no idea whom they’re dealing with this time.

‘Chun Kuk Do School’ of martial arts’ founder, former US Air Force man American Chuck Norris is such an incredible man that the entire country loves and respects him for endless reasons. An actor, a media personality and above all an amazing sportsman is very well-known character all across the United States. Before talking about the great man our readers are informed hereby that once again; there’s nothing to be worried about Chuck Norris, he’s more than fine.

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