Monday, April 5, 2010

Steven Tyler for numerology

Steven Tyler was expelled from Roosevelt for drug use and later graduated from Leonard Quintano's School for Young Professionals Before working as a professional musician, Tyler says he worked several odd jobs, including a stint at a bakery

Steven Tyler gave an amazing performance of God Bless America tonight at the opening game of the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees. The opening day brought in some great pipes from Aerosmith, but the fans say that it may have not helped the game.

National Baseball League opening days brings out many celebrities belting out the national anthem as well as songs during the 7th inning stretch. Part of America’s tradition of watching baseball, there isn’t anything less exciting than a perfect hot dog and listening to the music sung on the field.

Steven Tyler would be taking an extended break and the potential legal drama that loomed when the band started “testing out” new lead singers and will begin “Cocked, Locked, Ready to Rock,” their tour of Europe.

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