Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nita Ambani Lifted By Harbhajan Singh

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Nita Ambani dons many hats as head of the podium, co-owner of Mumbai Indians, the first lady in Corporate India and many more. This time, teacher and social worker in her have joined hands to reach education for underprivileged and vulnerable children.

Yesterday, on April 22, 2010, Mumbai vs. Bangalore match was played, in this match, when Mumbai Indians beat royal challengers Bangalore team, so neeta ambani become so exciting and rushed to the ground, and then harbhajan Singh climbed her in his hands, harbhajan without noticed that several lenses flashed in a second this exited moment, he climbed neeta ambani in his arms without any problem.

For Nita Ambani were the long-awaited moment, she never miss a single game in Mumbai Indians and always support the players. I just wish that this would be some disagreement news hunters making news here and can not find news.

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