Friday, April 16, 2010

Riverside Bank Acquires Three Area Failed Banks

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Historical city news reported that many bank failures caused by communications received from the Federal Reserve. The Federal Bank First North Florida and Americal first bank was acquired from the federal deposits.

According to TD Bank Financial Group "These transactions, combined with the success of our U.S. franchise, puts us in an even stronger position as we continue to build the first truly North American bank," said Ed Clark, President and CEO, TD Bank Financial Group. "We are very pleased with these acquisitions. They add quality shops to our existing retail network in selected markets, so that we can accelerate our organic growth in Florida for five years and comes with limited downside risk. In short, they are a win-win for our customers and shareholders. "

Separate riverside 58 departments. And American first three places, and in the first federal bank eight locations. Moreover, TD Bank 80 ATMs. As a result of these transactions. Bharat Masrani, President and CEO said "These acquisitions give us an even stronger presence in key, fast-growing Florida market, increasing our presence in around 100 locations, and also said that" We are delighted to be involved in these transactions not only help to expand our presence in the U.S., but also give us the opportunity to work with the FDIC in his mission to maintain stability and confidence in the American financial system. "

It was the 44, 45: e, and the 46th bank to fail in the country this year and the seventh, eighth and ninth banks closed in Florida. Before these recent bank failures closed state was Key West Bank, Key West, March 26, 2010

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