Friday, March 26, 2010

Dame Edna Be Part Of Egos In Hammy Feinstein,

new York Daily News Hammy Feinstein, Dame Edna Join Egos in ‘All About Me’: Review Bloomberg March 20 All About Me on Broadway is a folie a deux starring Barry Humphries and Michael Feinstein, which may strike you as There is nothin’ like Dame Edna in ‘All About Me’ USA Today Feinstein and Dame Edna are B’way’s new odd couple San Francisco Chronicle Michael Feinstein, Dame Edna in ‘All About Me’ Newsday new York Times
 Dame Edna
According to a recent article at, Dame Edna, who never ceases to both amaze and delight with her/his hilarious and crazy antics, decided to emulate the now famous music video. The only difference is that Dame Edna’s backup dancers were males.

 Dame Edna
If you’re a fan of the lilac-haired Dame Edna Everage, who has appeared in several shows including UK talk show “Parkinson,” “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” and most recently “The View,” you can also catch her in her current show on Broadway “All About Me.”

The Edna Everage character first appeared in a Melbourne comedy revue in 1955. At this time she was "Mrs Norm Everage". An interview with Mrs Everage was one of the programmes screened on HSV-7's first day of programming in 1956.

Like most people, I love a good giggle every now and again. And when I watched a brief clip of Dame Edna Everage – aka Australian comedian Barry Humphries – dancing and singing to Beyonce’s famous “Single Ladies” song, that is exactly what I did do.

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