Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Erica Badu Strips on Window Seat

Erica Badu Window Seat video Uncut: Latest News About Window Seat video, Erykah Badu, Erykah Badu Window Seat video Uncut, Window Seat Lyrics, Window Seat: Well, let me know, have you e’er caught a young lady taking the air nude on the high way or on the road, if yeah have you been experience any difficult feelings? Apparently not but Eyrkah Badu Window Seat Video Uncut is states that another story.

 Erica Badu

Erukah Badu with confidence walked on the very road side removing her clothes off and trusts me or not there’s nothing charming.

In the uncut video, Badu walks down the street fully clothed as the song proceeds she slowly starts stripping off her clothes piece by piece eventually taking nudity. Erykah Badu claims that the “Windows Seat” video went off without a hitch, but some heckled her for it.

 Erica Badu

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