Monday, March 29, 2010

Duke University vs Baylor University

Duke University news! the last remaining 1 seed, Duke, will be joining Michigan State, West Virginia, and Butler for the Final four 2010! the Duke Blue Devils went up against #3 Baylor University in Sunday’s Elite 8 matchup. the Baylor Bears played their hearts out in hopes of a chance to go to the Semifinals, but in the end, Duke was victorious 78-71. for a complete rundown and score details for today’s game, visit: Duke vs Baylor Score.

Championship game will be held April 5th, in Indianapolis, Indiana. But first, the final two must be decided on April 3rd. the first game will host #5 Butler out of the West, vs #5 Michigan State from the Midwest. up second is #1 Duke vs West Virginia #2. with nearly everyone’s bracket busted, who do you think will go to the Championship.

Duke issued its second Green Devil Challenge to encouraging students, faculty and staff to take the Duke Carbon Calculator to determine how much carbon they produce at the university

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