Monday, March 29, 2010

Joel Manby The Undercover Boss

Joel Manby the owner of the family amusement theme parks like Herschend Family Entertainment, Silver Dollar City, Stone Mountain Park and many others, went under disguised to enter his own firm as an employee. Thereby, he remained in proximity of the people who put their best effort all through the year to earn the company a good reputation. It was an episode which not only focused on the present scenario of the company but also showed at the beginning of the show.

Joel Manby not only visited the parks but also engaged in performing the tasks that the workers do every day, managing a smile on their faces. The episode featuring Joel Manby lived up to the expectation of the audience. As for Joel Manby himself, the experience that he had gathered during the week with his employees was “once in a lifetime”.

Belonging to a poor family, Joel Manby had a humble beginning and had to suffer some losses before he got to the present position. On Sunday, he was seen camouflaging himself as John Briggs, a former auto worker. He visited Stone Mountain Park in Georgia first, where he helped Howard in conducting Ride the Duck tour. He was amazed to learn in Silver Dollar City that the front gate man Albert, whose present age is 20, had joined the company as a 14 year old kid. Albert holds the ambition of becoming the CEO of the park one day and also has plans to introduce some new rides in the park.

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