Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Shannen Doherty and her dance partner Mark Ballas

Who went home on the “Dancing with the Stars” second week and the first elimination round, was the question which made viewers to remain glued to the program which was aired on ABC on Tuesday. The second most popular show on television after “American Idol” had its first elimination and Shannen Doherty and her dance partner Mark Ballas became the first couple to get kicked off from the highly competitive ballroom dance contest.

The elimination comes as surprise as the couple’s performances were liked by the judges of “Dancing with the Stars“. The judges commented that the couple’s dance attempt as “energetic” and “ambitious”. However, the fates of the stars on the show are decided by a combination of the scores they receive from the judges and the viewers, who vote for the couples on the show. It seemed that Shannen Doherty was kicked off by the viewers’ votes. Astronaut Buzz Aldrin who had received the lowest marks from the judges, managed to remain in the show due to the viewers vote.

Actress Shannen Doherty said that she joined the “Dancing with the Stars” for her father who loves watching the ballroom dance shows. The actress who got kicked off on “Dancing with the Stars” on the very second week said that being an actress, she loves acting and finds dancing not to be her thing. It seems fate was not working on her favor as her partner Mark Ballas got injured during the dress rehearsal and has been advised by the doctors not to dance for the nest six weeks. Mark Ballas on Tuesday, was seen on the show with a crutch.

She was charmed enough to get two successful series, but her fans were too few: Shannen Doherty and her injured partner Mark Ballas were Dancing with the Stars"

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