Saturday, March 27, 2010

Nancy Schaefer and her husband Bruce have died

The GBI has confirmed that both Nancy Schaefer and her husband have passed away. It has not been confirmed that she committed suicide and killed her husband, just that it was “unnatural causes.”

This is a very important report written by a Senator in Georgia. Please read the entire report, download the PDF, print it to give to your lawyers, caseworkers, local newspaper editors, state and federal senators and congressmen, CASA workers in your area, and whoever else you believe might benefit from reading the truth about CPS from the viewpoint of a Senator.

As Christian Citizens and vital members of a vast community of Americans, we are called to godly principals that challenge us to "stand in the gap for the land."

All Americans, particularly those with a Christian worldview, and life view, should be keenly devoted to the preservation and development of the Christian foundation upon which this nation was based. As we resist the atheistic tide of belief that there is no Creator God, we contribute to a new awakening of conscience and faith with regard to the Biblical standard and provision for our land.
Nancy was a leader in the movement to stop CPS abuses. Let us pray for her loved ones during this terrible tragedy. She was the mother of four sons and a daughter and had 13 grandchildren.

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