Wednesday, March 31, 2010

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Yesterday evening performance presentation notified even a musical theme, with soul and R & B are the rules today, and R & B guru Usher, who performs tonight, serving as musical mentor. Aaron Kelly closed out the evening with a great song: Bill Withers' "Ian's No Sunshine".

The judges all thought it was a decent performance, but not mind blowing. Andrew Garcia was back to his old self as he sang and played Chris Brown's "Forever". His acoustic version of the song had left the judges to see that Andrew takes a big step in the right direction

I'm going to ignore the segment is yet another commercial for the above films.
Results: Lee DeWyze sure. Casey James is too. Aaron Kelly will be interviewed by Ryan if he had ever been in love, and Simon Cowell at the end I say, "You know it is not Oprah Winfrey show." No kidding. Stop it, Ryan. Let's just get through this already! Aaron, by the way is safe, too. Siobhan Magnus and Katie Stevens is asked to stand. It is more blabbing, and finally we learn.

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