Wednesday, March 31, 2010

LOST The Package

“The Package” is a double whammy for me. Not only do I not much care for Jin and Sun, but the show has gone back to its usual motif a having boring filler saved by the final minutes. The promise of a more exciting episode next time is no way to run a television series.--especially when onlya hadful of episodes remain.

Okay, we have lots of things to discuss about "The Package." First, though, allow me a paragraph or three to be pissed off. really pissed off that ABC saw fit to clutter the bottom corner of the screen with a logo and a ticking count-down clock to point people towards tonight's return of that show.

I began this episode feeling just a little like Sayid: nothing, no anger, no sorrow, losing emotional attachment to this show that I and so many of you have followed for years. Just a handful of episodes before it all ends - could there be anything else I could learn about the characters? Any more stories to tell, that would be as enjoyable as what we've already seen, much less that can bring what we've watched for a number of years to a satisfying conclusion? Can seven episodes explain enough to tie key threads together? Will we find out who or what was in the cabin? Surely it wasn't Jacob, since he lives in the statue, and surely it wasn't the smoke monster, who was kept away by the ash circle. Will we find out how Ben could summon the smoke monster and knew he needed to be judged by it, when the Others now seem to regard it as a dangerous enemy

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