Sunday, March 28, 2010

Goliath Tiger Fish on Biglorryblog.

Tigerfish is the common name for a variety of species from several different families of fish, usually on account of their colouration or otherwise fearsome appearance.

The name "tigerfish" has occasionally been used for species of cichlid in the genus Rhamphochromis. These are large, silver-colored fishes that may have one or two black horizontal lines running the length of the body. These fish are native to Lake Malawi, in Africa. They can measure up to 2 metres in length and 50 kg in weight.

The Goliath tiger fish, said to grow up to 68 kilograms, may be able to overcome barriers in the tumultuous and turbid Congo River that smaller fish cannot. During a 2008 expedition on the Congo, scientists looked for the "monster" fish upstream and down, to see how far it could travel.

The DNA samples the team collected will help determine if tiger fish found in different parts of the river have morphed into separate species.

Goliath Tiger Fish found in the Congo Basin. I know the Congo has not been safe in the past but things are getting much better and the fishing is pretty good from a river that size!! The lower Congo just recently being given the title of the deepest river in the world with an average of 500feet being recorded in the lower reaches of this mighty river. The Goliath has been recorded at weights of 50kg with the standing record beiong 65kg.

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Juan said...

something to talk about to our 'car guards' from Brazzaville Congo....

'Le Capitan' Truly majestic fish.

Cape Town

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