Saturday, March 27, 2010

Google Fiber Memphis Says Mayoriber

Memphis was the 6 ranking from Google Fiber Competition. Google Fiber Memphis was still in sixth place from last week. In fact this data comes from the un-official Google New Market Survey, “Steketee Greiner” but show the results more closely.

Memphis, TN Mayor A C Wharton, Jr. wrote this “Submitting our Google Fiber application today” on his blog
Google’s target is to provide fast internet access for all Americans. The first target seems to Duluth, Minnesota as the city is always trying to get Google’s attention.

Today at noon, the City of Memphis will file it’s application for Google Fiber,the vast “superbroadband” fiber optic network that Google is offering to develop for some lucky city. We believe that Memphis is the ideal candidate city – we’re already a global distribution center that connects the world’s commerce, we’re served by a single, publicly-owned utility, and the technology, bioscience, and higher education sectors are growing in big ways year after year. We’ve put together an extremely competitive application and look forward to hearing Google’s response.

The unique qualities of Memphis, Tennessee make this Mid-Southern city a prime location for Google investments. The arrival of Google to Memphis will be the dramatic, breakthrough event that lights a brushfire of creativity and growth in our entrepreneurial, consumer, and public service community.

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