Thursday, March 25, 2010

Anne Curtis Swimsuit Malfunction

Anne Curtis is thanking fans following her swimsuit malfunction picture scandal. Anne Curtis’ picture from ASAP XV in Boracay, which caused a leaked online picture scandal, has drawn countless fans in support of Curtis. Today Anne took to Twitter to thank all the fans for their support. As broke yesterday on LALATE, U.S. readers learned Wednesday of the Tuesday picture scandal which rocketed international press. The scandal caused Curtis to call a press conference on Wednesday
Anne Curtis

Anne was dancing on the stage for the episode of ABS musical show wearing a string bikini ASAP XV.

As soon as her top of the swimsuit slid, many onlookers and fans with cell phones and camcoders filmed it and all the footage instantly was on the net.

Anne Curtis

Just recently Anne Curtis Swimsuit malfunction news hit the internet along with photos. The Filipino actress Anne Curtis is very angry and felt dishonored after the release of her Swimsuit malfunction photos and videos over the internet.

For the latest news in the Philippines a certain Anne Curtis Swimsuit Malfunction is sizzling hot in the trends right now, Actress and TV show host while performing during a show in Boracay, her Swimsuit misplaced, and her chest was seen to public. She was embarrass and felt disrespected. After the Anne Curtis Swimsuit Malfunction on that day, She didnt expect that pics and photo of her would spread that fast, There has been rumors that those who will be posting the ABS-CBN & Viva Communication Inc. on tabloids and on the web will receive lawful action. The Anne Curtis Swimsuit Malfunction Pics Photo took place when she was dancing on stage , when the right side of her top suddenly fallen down from her right breast revealing a part of her chest, photos and pictures spreaded like wildfire, Here is the Anne Curtis Swimsuit Malfunction Pics Photo. We do now mean to bring disrespect to Anne Curtis on this stage.


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