Wednesday, March 31, 2010

David Tua V/S Friday Ahunanya

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David Tua vs. Friday Ahunanya, Boxer David Tua will fight Nigerian Friday the 13th 'Ahunanya Wednesday 31 March, at Trust Stadium, Waitakere, Auckland.

Ahunanya will be a challenge for Tuamanator David Tua number one boxer in New Zealand in the heavy weight division. His boxing record is satisfactory, and he will be a good match for number one boxer David Tua

Ahunanya is 39 years old with a good attitude in the boxing world. He has won 24 of 32 matches. His boxing style is good and he is worth watching in the ring. To see Friday Ahunanya vsDavid Tua fight live online in March, go online and get a registered account on the site When you have an account, you can specify the location anytime and anywhere you want.

David Tua's 37 years old from New Zealand. He has won many titles and medals as an amateur player. He turned professional in 1992 and his first match was against Ron Hume, USA. He won the fight by knockout in the first round of 4 His last match was against Shane Cameron inNew Zealand.

The battle is arranged for the WBO Asia Pacific heavyweight title and the WBO Oriental heavy weight title. Who will be champion? The struggle between Friday Ahunanya and David Tua is amazing! You should not miss a part of it! So to see Friday Ahunanya vs. David Tua fight live online in March, you just have to be an account holder of Just click on the website and it will magically take you to the most amazing website ever!

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