Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mary Riley Styles The Public Library

Mary Riley is called for me and told me that she saw the image and I told her no, that she was crazy,” Martinez recalled. But now she does. Apparently “hundreds” of people see Catholics have now visited the house to see the Virgin Mary on her spring vacation tour. No word yet on an eBay sale, but we’d bet the shipping on the door wouldn’t be cheap.
Mary Riley Styles
I considered Mary Louise Parker, Mary Kate Olson, Mary McCormack and even Mary Lou Retton but none of them really had that pick-me-up I know the Hot Clicks audience needs on a Monday morning. Then I came across model Mary Riley and my search stopped. If she doesn’t inspire you to get over your busted bracket and move on with your life, I don’t know what to tell you.
Mary Riley Styles
BroBible looks at 11 coaches who look like 1980s movie and TV characters including the great Captain Harris from the Police Academy films looking an awfully lot like Maryland coach Gary Williams. Meanwhile, Manofest has the 10 all-time best buzzer beaters.

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