Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lyrebird Jungle Bird and Human Sounds

Lyrebird is either of two species of ground-dwelling Australian birds, most notable for their superb ability to mimic natural and artificial sounds from their environment. Lyrebirds have unique plumes of neutral coloured tailfeathers.

Lyrebirds are among Australia's best-known native birds. As well as their extraordinary mimicking ability, lyrebirds are notable because of the striking beauty of the male bird's huge tail when it is fanned out in display; and also because of their courtship display. A group of Lyrebirds is called a musket.

The Superb lyrebird is one of two species of Lyrebird found in Australia the other being the Albert's lyrebird. Lyrebirds are shy, wary birds. When seen they are normally just a blur as they run and dodge rapidly through the dense forest underbrush. Their wings aid them in running and jumping up into branches and onto rocks etc and then gliding back down again and though they seldom fly they do roost in low trees at night

The Lyrebirds name comes from the shape of the males tail when displayed which looks like a Lyre (musical harp type instrument) The outer two bigger white and brown feathers appear like the frame and the inner thinner feathers are the strings

Really the Lyrebird is a very plain looking brown (chicken size) bird, except for long trailing tail feathers They are darkish brown on top of their body , and lighter below and they have markings on their throat normally with a red to brown colouring As already mentioned the males have a lyre shaped tail when displayed or trailing when not displaying The females are the same as the males except they are smaller and can not display their tail feathers in a lyre shape The lyrebirds song is strong and melodious except when frightened when it will let our high pitch shrieks of alarm as it runs away on its strong legs and toes.


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