Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Joe Biden’s F-Bomb Gaffe Becomes T-Shirt

How fast are Americans when it comes to making a quick buck? Just hours after Joe Biden let loose with an f-bomb that was caught by an open microphone following President Barack Obama’s signing of the health bill into law this morning, his exact exclamation — “This is a big f— deal” — has already become a t-shirt (caution, salty language ahead if you click on the link) available for sale in sizes running from S to 6X. It’s unlikely there will be profit-sharing for Biden. Then again, there probably won’t be political fallout for the Vice President, either. Biden is so gaffe prone that he can basically say whatever he wants at this point and, like a crotchety old relative at a family gathering, people chuckle and chalk it up to Joe being Joe — and make a t-shirt.
oe Biden
It was a moment of extraordinary triumph, a watershed event in American history that would likely be remembered as President Obama's crowning achievement. So naturally Joe Biden had to go and drop an F-bomb on live TV.

During the health care reform signing ceremony, Biden was caught on a live mic whispering to Obama, "This is a big f*cking deal!"

Say what you will about our gaffe-prone veep, but when history calls, Biden can be counted on to commit a gaffe worthy of the occasion.

oe Biden
In fact, Biden's F-bomb gaffe now tops our list of the Top 10 Joe Biden Gaffes of All Time.

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs apparently agrees with Biden. He sent out this Tweet: "And yes Mr. Vice President, you're right..."

Republicans are jumping all over Biden for using profanity. But let's not forget the time that Dick Cheney famously told Sen. Patrick Leahy to "go f*ck yourself" on the Senate floor.

On the F-bomb scale, Biden's is not a big f*cking deal by comparison. While Biden got swept up by the historic nature of the moment, Cheney simply enjoyed being a doucehbag of a historic nature.

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