Monday, March 22, 2010

Jesse James Nazi photo a new bombshell

Someone, somewhere is weeping for Jesse James, but at this rate, it could be Mr. James alone doing the crying after the latest Jesse James Nazi photo news. Yes, there is a Jesse James Nazi photo
 Jesse James

Is it coincidental that motorcycle culture fixates on the symbol of the Iron Cross? It’s commonly associated with the West Coast Choppers logo. While the Iron Cross – as well as the Swastika – weren’t always Nazi symbols they have become widely associated with Nazism and National Socialism since the 1930s. Did Jesse James and Michelle McGee (homepage) gloss over that part of high school history – AND miss all of the “Indiana Jones” films

Ignorance of the significance of a Jesse James Nazi photo should not excuse James or Michelle McGee (she’s dropped the “Bombshell”), because both are at least normal, functioning adults who make bad decisions that can require unsecured personal loans to fix. But not this problem.

Who doesn’t know that the Nazi Swastika symbol is considered racially offensive now, as it signifies the attempted mass extermination of entire cultures? Let’s not kid ourselves. TMZ reports the tattooed lady wore a Nazi armband for photographs, and Jesse James’ Nazi photo involved a Nazi hat and an obvious Hitler salute. Sandra Bullock ought to turn her rear view mirror to this “Blind Side” and leave them in the dust.

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