Monday, March 22, 2010

Aiden Turner Dancing with Edyta Sliwinska

Aiden Turner is the famous Aiden on The Soap Opera All My Children. He might have sizzled on the soap screen, but fell flat on the dance floor. Although he made a great effort, his dancing left something to be desired. Hopefully things will pick up in the next week or two, if he gets to go on. I do believe he may be in jeopardy of getting voted off, but then again he has a lot of All My Children fans that will be voting!
Aiden Turner Dancing with Edyta Sliwinska

Aiden Turner and his "Dancing with the Stars" partner Edyta Sliwinska rehearsals for the premiere of the hit ABC series are like a dance war.

"In the first week, I had an injury in my groin area and a sore back, but it went away after a massage," Aiden tells "The Insider." "This week I am doing well and taking ibuprofen to keep down the inflammation."

That said, Edyta reveals that she accidentally jammed her stiletto heel into his foot -- and he has a cut finger.

"I wanted to bite off something more than I could chew," the British hunk says, explaining why he decided to do the show. "In drama school, I didn't really do any dancing. I tried to avoid it in the beginning, but now I think it will be good for me."

Aiden turned to his former "All My Children" co-star Cameron Mathison for advice, because Cameron did the show a few years back.

"He told me to dance as well as I can," Aiden says. "Not to take it too seriously, but to work really hard."

And Aiden is in it to win it. He is hoping all the fans who watched him during his time as Aidan Devane on the hit ABC soap will vote for him, and he and Edyta have started a twitter page.

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