Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Aeterno behind the shackles

Ab Aeterno is the ninth episode of season 6 of Lost. Richard Alpert is featured in the episode's flashbacks, which show island and off-island events.
In the next "Lost" episode, it is time to give the spotlight to the most mysterious character on the series. Nestor Carbonell's Richard, who is not yet known whether is good or evil, will be the center of attention in episode "Ab Aeterno", which basically is a Latin to "for a very long time".

As the person who had stayed on the island the longest, Richard will give explanation about the island and what kind of things he had seen in the place. Locke also wants an explanation about his age which as implied in previous episode, reaches a few thousand years old. Also there could be an answer to the question whether he arrived on the Black Rock.

When talking to E! about the particular episode, Carbonell said, "I will not lie to you, episode 9, you're gonna get big reveals about the island. Episode 15, even more so". "Ab Aeterno" airs on March 23. Eight more episodes are left before the series wraps up.
o, I just got done watching Lost “Ab Aeterno”. WHEW! Soon, there’s no more Lost to look forward to. And that is sad because Lost does amazing storytelling within its episodes. Perhaps none written as well as this amazing episode, which was built up with anticipation over five previous seasons about the mysterious, never-aging Richard Alpert. It’s kind of like we had the longest teaser for “Ab Aeterno” ever. Was it worth the wait?

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