Monday, December 21, 2009

Wrinter Solestic


This article is about the astronomical and cultural event of Winter Solstice, also known as midwinter.

The Winter Solstice occurs exactly when the earth's axial tilt is farthest away from the sun at its maximum of 23° 26'. Though the Winter Solstice lasts an instant in time, the term is also colloquially used like the first day of winter to refer to the day on which it occurs. More evident to those in high latitudes, this is the shortest day, and longest night, and the sun's daily maximum position in the sky is the lowest.[1] The seasonal significance of the Winter Solstice is in the reversal of the gradual lengthening of nights and shortening of days.

More precisely, winter solstice will take place at 12:47 pm EST (1747 GMT) on Dec. 21. It is a date that will also mark the shortest day and longest night. At RockStar Weekly, we thought we'd welcome the Solstice with a reminder that Judas Priest lead vocalist Rob Halford has released a great collection of the season called Halford III: Winter Songs. The release includes a collection of new Halford-penned tracks plus traditional holiday favorites presented with original heavy metal arrangements by Halford himself and producer/guitarist Roy Z.

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wrinter solstices are very sweet and hot time. it is very harmful. persons are spend very time for writer solstice. persons are enjoying winter solstice.

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