Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Private Chiefs of Beverly Hills

Private Chiefs of Beverly Hills

Most people are interest in the TV series Private chefs in Beverly Hills. The show will be played on the Food Network at 9, this show will tell stories about a exacting company that allows private chefs, who come from Los Angeles to find their business weathered a very demanding clients bear much of the wealth in their hands.
Private Chiefs of Beverly Hills
This show would be very interesting because there will be a challenge for chefs in cooking with the condition of a very demanding rich self.
You must see this show!
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Private Chiefs of Beverly Hills
Private Chefs make a comeback - and find a TV show
a new TV show is in the works for private chefs and rich families who use them. Think "reach your top Chef" meets "How did u get So Rich" - a bold mix of hot kitchens Ste space and bling-baring rich people.
The series is still in the shaping phase, and we can not name the network. But it will be called Private Chefs Inc. the brains behind the content are Beverly Hills-based Private Chefs Inc. (How's that for a good variety?) It will be co-produced by quick River Productions.
Christian Pies, leader of Private Chefs Inc. have already ruled up someone to subjects. He has a wealthy family in Napa Valley, who owns a cellar, an NBA player, a single party in Ft. Lauderdale, who owns a ship, and San Diego family that has a jet and likes to mass fundraising parties.
Pies insist the show will not only serve up in-your-face wealth. It is not too rich, he says, as Beverly Hills team who work as plastic surgeons and must share a kitchen with a different family.

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