Sunday, December 20, 2009

'3 Idiots' about friendship, fun and college days

Aamir Khan is retuning to the big screen exactly after a year with '3idiots' and the film has created the right buzz thanks to the innovative ways he has been promoting it. It revolves around three friends and their collage days, the film's release Friday.

The film's music already "is topping charts with songs such as Izz Aal 'Good,' Zoobi 'doobi, Chartbusters' will not let you do 'and' Give me some commingling Chartbusters.

The third consecutive year that Aamir issued in December after the film, Taare Zameen Par and 'Ghajini.
His new film '3 idiots', Aamir entered the bash disused as a documentary filmmaker, complete with a goatee, a curly mop and a fake gold tooth. but the disuse did work that well and as soon as the bride's father jasveer singh saw him , he knew it was Amir.

"this is a ring I'm giving gifts to her husband. They premiered the film with me in Mumbai are invited to view," Aamir said while presenting a ring to bite.

Earlier, Aamir Khan, former cricket captain 's home in kollkata in the guise of a fan of the player.

Aamir Khan is a documentary filmmaker who films abroad wanted to marry a rural Indian as latent, Ramandeep Kaur arrived home, where relatives on the eve of her marriage mehendi ceremony "on Sunday gathered for were.

Gurjit Singh, a Sikh religious rites of marriage boyfriend Ramandeep oath as was Sunday. Aamir's cold winter in northern India has been part of rural wedding ceremony Saturday night, despite stopping for two hours not sick, just a day earlier reported in Jaipur.

Story, three engineering students - Rancho (Aamir), Farhan Qureshi (Madhavan) and Louis Rastogi (Sharman) revolves around - and his trip. Film all aspects of his life drunk (Kareena) and their teachers Sahastrabudhhe Viru (Bowman).

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New moon said...

yeah i think it will be a good movie because this film has lot of fun and love for friendship and many more. and amir khan is my favorite actor so it will be a great movie like taray zamin per....

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