Monday, December 21, 2009

News for Gov't imposes 3-hour limit on tarmac stranding

News for Gov't imposes 3-hour limit on tarmac stranding

News for Gov't imposes 3-hour limit on tarmac stranding :-

Transportation Secretary, said Ray LaHood three-hour limit and other new rules for airlines to send a clear message to mean not holding passengers hostage, are stuck on planes. On the eve of the busy holiday travel season’s coming, announced was hailed by consumer advocates as "a Christmas miracle."
"I do not know what could be more harmful to people than the five aircraft to be stuck sitting on a plane five, six, seven hours with no explanation," LaHood said at a conference.
Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano took 3 hours for the security rule does not create any problem. He said I could not even think I was the rule of common sense. Call 'did.

Airlines also long delays of flights will be prevented from scheduling. To designate a staff flight delays and cancellations and should monitor the impact of response to consumer complaints Provisions sponsored by Sense. Barbara Boxer, D-Caliph., and Olympia Snowed, R-Maine, in pending legislation would also impose a three-hour limit, but the new regulations go even farther, giving passenger rights advocates many of the reforms they've sought for years.
, LaHood "This is the beginning" said. "We think that we give to passengers to look out for them in fact."
After those incidents, DOT Inspector General has recommended that airlines Calvin shovel a time limit on passengers traveling from one plane to land inside the delay is necessary to wait.

Business Highlights: - Alcoa Inc. and Intel Corp. and President Obama on health care overhaul positive analyst upgrade also helped speed the widespread advances drive the stock market. The days leading indexes off their highs, but still rose about 1 percent. In other business for Nynex benchmark January contract crude fell 89 cents to 72.47 dollars per barrel last day of business is solve. Heating oil fell 1.15 cents to 2.57 cents petrol was set at $ 1.9452 down to 1.8691 dollars Let solve. Natural gas fell 11.3 cents to 5.669 dollars per 1,000 cubic feet is solve. The new rules apply to U.S. airlines and domestic flights. They allow security, safety and other specific instructions from air traffic control authorities for purposes related exceptions. Under new federal rules, jets loaded with asphalt on airlines are now in the air within three hours, or passengers will be allowed.

Most domestic flights Stranding including asphalt, but the Department for international flights is studying to increase the limit of three hours, LaHood said. Airlines also long delays of flights will be prevented from scheduling. Unfair or deceptive trade practices which carrier to use the government fail to comply could face enforcement action. Neither the guidelines nor the 'Peters proposed rule contains a specific limit how long passengers waiting at the gate before being allowed to return can be placed. They were condemned as toothless by consumer advocates. Some new rules put in place, including a proposal that passengers but most airlines for more than two hours waiting on the runway were killed payment. Only safety or security or if the air traffic control regulation in order pilots back to the airport terminal would disrupt operations provides an exception for the advice.

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