Monday, December 21, 2009

Didn't kill any cops: Kasab:-

Didn't kill any cops: Kasab:-

Didn't kill any cops: Kasab:-

Mumbai: Pakistani gunman Monday Kasab Ajmal what happened on 26/11, denying the allegations continued with his own version of shock that
He was gunned down outside the hospital Cama three senior police officers

. "The main usher was ," Kasab one directly when "confronted with the witnesses’ accounts that said he shot at police Quails, which officials were traveling with face said Kasab said that the present were during the attack on Mumbai, because she already was in police custody when the attack was not terror CST, Cama hospital or in Girgaum Chowpats
When the court asked him, he shot his hand injury received, Kasab alleged that when he was in custody, police local anesthesia in my hands, and shot him.
Earlier, when court proceedings began, he told the judge that he Thaliana ML was not feeling well, and has requested suspension of recording his statement.
But the judge said a postponement is possible, however, did not want to say anything if Kasab, he was free to do so.
Last week, in a flip-flop, only the 26/11 terrorist captured alive authorities' attacks on the trial, denied the charges and said that she was forced to accept

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