Thursday, December 31, 2009

Rush Limbaugh | Rush Limbaugh Dead at 58 | Rush Limbaugh Heart Attack | Limbaugh Dead

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Rush Limbaugh photo

Rush Limbaugh's radio program, "said the conservative talk show host is resting comfortably in the Honolulu hospital where he was taken with chest pain.

Rush Limbaugh, 58, was taken to hospital in critical condition with chest pain today and was taken by ambulance from his hotel to the Queen's Medical Center in Honolulu. It is up to date on its current state.

Rush Limbaugh had vacation, when suspected heart attack struck him. At the Rush Limbaugh is in the hospital, and no word about his current condition is officially released. He is not dead as of writing this article. Let us pray for his immediate recovery.

Rush Limbaugh photo

Rush Limbaugh photo

Rush Limbaugh photo

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