Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Eminem, Mary J. Blige Releases New Album

Mary J. Blige

Eminem, Mary J. Blige Releases New Album
Here, in the above picture you can see the famous singer. She is an American singer and also evidence producer, and actress. She is also identified as Mary J. Blige and as Brook-Lynn. During her career she has won nine Grammy Awards and sold over 48 million records international in 2008.Her mother’s name is Cora (a nurse) and her father’s name is Thomas Blige (a jazz musician). Blige was educated to sing by her father. Bilge’s voiced range registers from alto to soprano together with the mezzo-soprano range. Blige has cited Anita Baker, Aretha Franklin and Chaka Khan as three of her main influences.

The standout on Mary J. Blige’s ninth studio album, "Stronger with Each Tear," is the last song, "I can see in color," from the soundtrack of "Precious." It confirms Ms. Bilge’s favorite message - that misfortune is the beginning of redemption - in a less strongly sticking to the facts soul-key setting. Raphael Saadiq output delivers a simple drum-pounding, slow guitar arpeggios and subtle churchy keyboards, and sometimes there is subdued vocal response from long distance. Nothing distracts from Ms. Bilge’s voice - bluesy and determined, proud and crying, completely exposed and completely human - she insist, "It took a long time to come to this place / and now that I'm here none can ever erase me “I feel the joy” The song is the conclusion of an album in which Ms. Blige straps himself into the contemporary R & B machine, Grabber her way out. Like his fellow R & B songwriters Ms. Blige regularly shops for tracks by producers and collaborator du jour. On this album take account of Akon, Ryan Leslie, Polow da Don, Tricky and The-Dream and Ne-Yo, who wrote a song each with Stargate and stereotypes. Mary J. Blige is releasing her ninth studio album, record, stronger single tear. I am not an endeavor Blige and titles can be deceiving, but I think I already know what direction that record companies are going conventional? Maybe. It may still be good. Even at Christmas, not all surprises are good. According to Bilge’s official website, the album is now available for only $ 3.99 at (Amazon MP3). "Stronger with Every Tear" functions currently in rotation single "I Am," plus Bilge’s collaboration with Drake on "The One" and more.

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