Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Susan Boyle is a virus' claims Elaine Page as she reveals her true feelings about their duet

For years she idolised Elaine Paige, singing along to her songs in her bedroom with a hairbrush for a microphone.

But this 61-year-old Diva seems to admire Susan Boyle is not a reciprocal relationship can be.

Susan Boyle

Miss Paige, who 40 years in Showbusiness and the United Kingdom proudly claim a 12million fortune Got Talent runner "like a virus that ravaged been rejected by the immediate success of" world.

Instead of the virus known as profit, certainly it is one.

Susan Boyle

SuBo which is rapid, is known throughout the world with the success of his first album in just three months is expected to fail in 5million, I dreamed a dream.

Susan Boyle

Last year she became a star overnight after his graduation in Britain Got Talent as more than 120 million times on YouTube was in the world.

And last Christmas, he achieved a lifetime ambition when he missed one version of Paige with her very dueted know her very well on television shows.

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