Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ayla Brown American Idol

In Boston for the American Idol Ayla Brown auditioned. She was eliminated from the show on March 9, 2006. For her audition song, “Ain’t Brown sang No Mountain High. Randy Jackson said he is a good, though the voice was undecided. Paula Abdul also thought Brown was a good singer, but she favored power dynamics on the vocal. Simon Cowell is being "charged Brown robots and partly empty." Finally, Jackson and Abdul Brown sent through the Hollywood round.

ayla brown american idol

During the Hollywood rounds, Brown sang “Reflection” by Christina Aguilera, and was one of 24 semi-finalists of the fifth season of American Idol. Scott Brown won the Latest Massachusetts Senate Race. Ayla Brown joined his father on election campaign you can also watch her with her Father Scott Brown on his election victory.

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