Monday, January 11, 2010

How I Met Your Mother

How weather your mother an American sitcom 19 September, 2005 premiere on CBS. Show was created by Craig Thomas and Carter Clause. Designed as a tool, the main character, Ted Mosby Josh with the report by Bob Saget Radnor, 2030 events in a year that she met her son and daughter their mother, which explains the title and description allows for the leadership of recalls the last stress. How my mother's other main characters in season Marshall Eriksen, Robin Scherbatsky, Barney Stinson, and Lily Aldrin's.

As the story begins in 2005 with Ted is one, 27, his two best friends from Wesleyan University with a living architect. At various points during the show, the 'Wesleyan University, "being in Ohio and therefore Ohio or Connecticut at Wesleyan University that alluded to print Wesleyan Middletown,. 18 [CT in the University] [19] [20] [ is 21], a law student and Marshall Eriksen Lily Aldrin one kindergarten teacher who has been dating for about nine years when Marshall proposes.

Tonight's installment of "How Weather Your Mother" on the hit CBS series marks a milestone - it is showing 100 cases. To celebrate, cast members - who include Neil Patrick Harris - an old way - the song is filmed in the style of old Hollywood musical dance number.

"I know this one for two weeks before the song," Show Tracker Harris said. About a week "before we filmed it, I recorded it. I had about a week to learn to lip sync well. We might dance practice started three days ago."

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