Monday, January 4, 2010

NFL Playoff schedule 2010

The 2010 NFL Playoff schedule is already out, with dates for all the AFC and NFC Playoff games. The 2010 NFL Playoff schedule starts on Saturday.

nfl playoff schedule 2010

National Football League Playoff Schedule 2010

January 9
New York Jets at Cincinnati Bengals – 4:30PM ET (Watch Live at NBC)
Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys – 8PM ET (Watch Live at NBC)

January 10
Baltimore Ravens at New England Patriots – 1PM ET (Watch Live at CBS)
Green Bay Packers at Arizona Cardinals – 4:40PM ET (Watch Live at Fox)

January 16-17 (Divisional)
TBD at Indianapolis Colts (TBA, CBS)
TBD at San Diego Chargers (TBA, CBS)
TBD at New Orleans Saints (TBA, FOX)
TBD at Minnesota Vikings (TBA, FOX)

January 24 (Conference)
NFC Championship (TBA, FOX)
AFC Championship (TBA, CBS)

February 7 (Superbowl 2010)
AFC Champion vs. NFC Champion – 6PM ET (CBS)
Location: Land Shark Stadium, Miami

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