Thursday, February 4, 2010

Miss Virginia to Miss America from 22-year-old Goes

A 22-year-old Virginia woman who said she once thought her only talent is to sing the latest Miss America, which comes out of a field of 53 participants.

Caress Cameron, a Broadcast Journalism student at Virginia Commonwealth University, is now planning a year away from school when she goes to great lengths to raise money for charity and perform the 89-year-old Miss pageant crown.
"I hope to be inspired, I hope to gain momentum, so that when the 365 days are over, I can shoot the moon," says Cameron.

Cameron, the first black Miss America
, Ericka Dunlap as in 2005, says she wants to get a master's degree and possibly become the news anchor.
Cameron, the daughter of a background investigator for the government and a contractor, said she was inspired to join the procession, at the age of 14, when Miss Virginia 2003 Nancy Reed visited her at school.

"Back when I knew I could do was to sing - it's all I had,"
she said.
Cameron said that after this visit, she decided to try for a school musical that rolled into several possibilities in art, drama and other areas.
More doors and more doors continue to open, "she says. "It is so important that we reach our youth, because there are so many young people who are in the same intersection I was at."
"We need them to let them know that just because the situation is a certain way, you must like Miss America.

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