Monday, March 22, 2010

Shannon Tweed breast cancer

Shannon Tweed Breast Cancer Scare – Shannon Tweed recently starred in an episode of The Doctors and admitted that her Breast Cancer Scare is real. Along with her was Gene Simmons, member of rock band KISS and her life partner.

Shannon Tweed breast cancer

Both of them urged the audience to have regular annual examinations to prevent the occurrence of breast cancer. They emphasized the importance of early detection in breast cancer, for it is the only way to successfully treat oneself. She featured the different symptoms women should take note to detect breast cancer.

The couple also emphasized that one out of eight women in the US are likely to get breast cancer at one point in their lives, and that women should be more proactive in guarding their health.

Shannon also shared her experience as she tried to get through the ordeal of finding out about her disease and trying to cure it. It was a touching episode, urging the audience to take better care of their health for the sake of their loved ones.

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